Updates: Puppies, Guineas, and more

Updates: Puppies, Guineas, and more

Stock up on beef now!! The price of processing our beef has gone up almost 15% and so we are going to have to raise our prices.  The current prices will remain the same through the end of October.  I will post the new prices on the website before that time.  

We have a half and quarter steer that will be available for delivery on October 31st.  For more information, fill out the form on the contact us page.

We still have some pastured broilers available for sale.  These will also go up in price with the next batch due to an increase in feed costs.

Minka Story-of-the-Week

Puppies: Their eyes are opening and their legs are starting to work like real legs.  Artemis (mom) is already wanting to leave the barn but, especially with all the rain, they need to stay in the barn until the puppies can find her on their own!  The puppies are getting pretty roly-poly, and they’ve started to yip and growl.


Guineas: The guineas are still in the coop, but we bring them soldier fly larvae, dung piles to dig through, grass and, of course, food and water.  The call didn’t do much but scare them, but they are associating people with extra special food and will crowd the door when they see us until we get about 10 feet away.  We have starting using a sports whistle to let them know we’re on the way but it doesn’t seem to do much but scare them either.  The smaller guineas are getting to be a decent size and the older guineas (all 5 of them) are now almost full grown.  Soon, we’re going to have to let them out and see what happens.  Hopefully the whistle will work to get their attention and they’ll coop up to get the food we scatter in there.

 The two guineas in front, whose heads are a blur as they eat BSF larvae, are lavender pearl guineas

The two guineas in front, whose heads are a blur as they eat BSF larvae, are lavender pearl guineas

Orchard: Persimmons are the current orchard specialties!  They are beautiful and delicious and totally unsprayed!  Chestnuts are normally available now, but we weren’t prepared for them to all come down in the rain and the deer ate most of them.  Now we have fat deer 🙁

New birds all over the place!  In the past two weeks, we have received 45 layer chicks who will lay pastured eggs in a variety of colors; 15 Welsh Harlequin drake ducklings who will be pastured ducks for meat; 25 Freedom Ranger broilers who will be pastured broiler chickens for meat; and 60 layer ducklings.  We’re raising these birds on non-GMO feed which costs more, so we may have to charge more, but it’s time to figure out how to make the switch from local to non-GMO.  It’s not as simple as it seems.

Rain, rain, rain:  We’ve had lots of rain, too.  The fields are mushy, the animal areas are muddy and the goats are disgruntled (they hate the rain), but it’s been good, too.  The grass is growing wonderfully and we had several fairy rings show up.  Guess the fairies like Minka Farm, too!

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