Pork raised on pasture without the use of antibiotics or added hormones

⇒ Pork will be restocked in early November

Pastured Pork By the Cut Pricing

Cut of PorkPrice
Tenderloin (not currently available)$10.00/lb
Chop – bone-in$8.00/lb
Chop – boneless (not currently available)$9.00/lb
Bacon, smoked & sliced $10.00/lb
Bacon pieces & ends, smoked (not currently available)$9.00/lb
Jowls, smoked & sliced (not currently available)$9.00/lb
Boston Butt, bone-in – averaging 6-8 lbs each$7.50/lb
Bone-in Loin Roast (not currently available)$7.50/lb
Natural Ham – plain pork ham (not currently available)$6.00/lb
Smoked Ham, Sliced (not currently available)$8.00/lb
Spareribs (not currently available)$7.50/lb
Ground Pork, plain$6.00/lb
Sausage links
Available in: Mild Italian, Kielbasa (cured), Cajun, Hot Italian, Mild Breakfast
Sausage patties
Available in: Mild, X-tra Sage Mild, Hot
Sausage, 1-lb bulk pack
Available in: Hot, Chorizo
Porterhouse Chop, bone-in (not currently available)$8.50/lb
Whole Shanks (not currently available)$4.00/lb
Neck Bones (not currently available)$1.00/lb
Heart (not currently available)$2.50/lb
Kidney (not currently available)$2.50/lb
Pork Melts (not currently available)$2.50/lb
Fat Back$1.00/lb