Our pigs are raised outdoors all year long in a pasture that allows for rooting, wallowing, and natural pig behaviors. Our pigs eat greens that grow in their pasture, a local non-medicated feed and all the farm scraps we can provide: hard-boiled eggs, chestnuts, leftover or damaged fruit, and other greens.  They do not receive hormones or antibiotics to help them grow faster than they should.  If an animal is ill enough to require antibiotics, they will receive them to maintain quality of life, but will not be sold as an antibiotic-free animals.  Because our animals are kept on pasture outdoors their entire lives, we have rarely had to use antibiotics.  

We use Acre Station and Piedmont Custom Meats to process our pork. Neither uses MSG, nitrites or nitrates in the creation of our sausages or bacon.  Bacon and hams are actually smoked, not treated with smoke-flavored additives.  Delicious, healthy and raised humanely, our pork is a great choice for you and your family.