Lamb and mutton available on a limited basis.  Whole lamb usually available after October 1.  See Animals For Sale page for information on buying a whole lamb.

Cut (email for availablility)PricePackage details
Ground lamb$14.00/lb1 pound packs
Chops, rib$17.50/lbusually 2 chops per package
Leg, whole$12.50/lb
Loin roast with bone$14.00/lbWhole loin roast with bone
Ribs, Frenched Ribs$8.00/lb1 rack per pack, split in half
Shank $11.00/lb2 shank per pack
Shoulder stew with bones$9.00/lb1 pound packs
Lamb Bones $2.00/lb1 pound packs
Organs (heart, liver, kidneys)$2.50/lball organs in one pack
Leg roast$12.75/lba whole leg cut in half – the roast is the half with more meat
Kabobs$11.50/lb1 pound pack
Neck with bones$8.00/lb1 pound pack
Shoulder steaks$12.25/lb