Animal Welfare Approved, 100% Grassfed (certified by A Greener World), Antibiotic and Hormone-Free Beef is available by the cut for sale through our on-farm store.

Grassfed Animal Welfare Approved Beef Pricing, by the cut
Cut of BeefPrice per pound
Ground Beef$7.50
Beef Patties, 4-pack$8.75
Ground Sirloin$8.50
Ribeye, boneless$15.50
Ribeye, bone-in$13.50
NY Strip$16.50
Filet Mignon$17.50
Shoulder Medallions$12.95
Sirloin Steak$10.95
London Broil$11.25
Flank Steak$8.95
Skirt Steak$8.95
Flat Iron Steak$7.50
Sirloin Tip Roast$7.95
Sirloin Tip Steaks$7.95
Eye of Round Roast$8.95
Chuck/Shoulder Roast$6.75
Bottom Round Roast$6.50
Cube Steak$6.75
Stew Beef$7.75
Stir Fry$8.95
Hanger Steak$10.25
Philly Style Steak$7.95
Osso Bucco$4.50
Short Ribs$4.25
Beef Tongue$7.95
Soup Bones$1.00
Dog Bones$1.00