Animal Welfare Approved, 100% Grassfed (certified by A Greener World), Antibiotic and Hormone-Free Beef is available by the cut for sale through our on-farm store.

Grassfed Animal Welfare Approved Beef Pricing, by the cut
Cut of BeefPrice per pound (unless otherwise noted)Package details
Ground Beef$8.00 per packSold by the pack. This lot averages 1.1 pounds each pack.
Beef Patties, 4-pack $8.754 patties, 6 oz. each, per pack
Ribeye, boneless (not currently available)$15.50Cut 1″ thick, approximately 12 ounces each
Ribeye, bone-in $13.50Cut 1″ thick, approximately 20 ounces each
NY Strip $16.50Cut 1″ thick, approximately 10 ounces each
Filet Mignon $17.50Cut 1.5″ thick, approximately 6 ounces each
Sirloin Steak$10.95Bone-in steaks average 2 pounds each
London Broil (mis-labeled, but available)$10.95Averages 1.5 pounds each
Brisket$7.75Averages 4 pounds each
Flank Steak $8.95Average 1 pound per pack, but pack sizes vary widely
Skirt Steak $8.95Full skirt per pack. Only 2 per steer. Average pack is 1.5 pounds
Flat Iron Steak (not currently available) $7.50Average 1 pound packs
Sirloin Tip Roast $7.95Average 2.5 pounds per roast
Sirloin Tip Steaks $7.95Cut 1/2″ thick. Average 1 pound per steak
Eye of Round Roast $8.95Averages 2 pounds per roast
Top Round Roast$9.952-3 pounds per roast
Chuck/Shoulder Roast $6.75Flat, bone-in roast, 3-4 pounds per roast
Bottom Round Roast $6.50Averages 2.5 pounds per roast
Cube Steak $6.754 steaks per pack separated by papers
Stew Beef $7.751-1.5 pounds per pack
Osso Bucco$4.50Cut 1″ thick with bone. Individually packaged.
Short Ribs$4.25Available in packs of 2 slabs with 3 ribs each cut 4″ wide OR Korean-style ribs cut into 1″ wide strips of 5-6 ribs. Slab packages average 4.5 pounds. Korean-style ribs average 3 pounds per package.
Beef Tongue $7.95Approximately 3 pounds each
Liver $4.00Average 1.5 pounds per pack
Heart$3.25Approximately 4 pounds each
Knuckle Bones $1.00Large bones joint bones with some marrow exposed. Produces good amounts of gelatin in stock. Packages range from 3-5 pounds each
Marrow Bones $1.00Long bones cut in half lengthwise so edible marrow is exposed. 1-2 bones per pack cut 4-6″ long.
Soup Bones$1.00Bones are cut into 2″ cubes. Lots of marrow exposed, not as much cartilage as knuckle bones. Average 2 pounds per bag.
Kidney$2.50Packaged individually
Tallow (Beef Fat)$1.50Not rendered. Average 2 lbs per pack