Piedmont Farm Tour 2016

The Piedmont Farm Tour is here!!  Today and tomorrow, April 23 & 24, from 2-6pm, 38 farms will welcome visitors for the 21st annual Piedmont Farm Tour.  Minka Farm will again be on the tour and we will feature lots of animals, our orchard, and plenty of farm food for sale. 

  • Take home beef, pork, chevon, broiler chicken, duck eggs, chicken eggs, and asparagus.  
    • Enjoy food and drink from the food trucks – Flirting with Fire Pizza on Saturday (which will feature Minka Farm Italian Sausage) and Heavenly Smoke on Sunday (which will feature smoked Minka Farm beef ribs and hamburgers). 
    • Meet our farmers, milk a goat (5:00pm), groom a horse, search for the elusive piglets, find out if our chicks have hatched in time, visit ducks, barn cats, Great Pyrenees teenagers and goat kids, and stroll through the orchard.  
    • Most importantly, learn a LOT about farming, animal care, breeds and HAVE FUN!!