Our Animals

Minka Farm cares for a wide variety of animals.  We enjoy having this diversity because it keeps things interesting – for us and our visitors!  Each type of animal has different needs and challenges and we are always learning ways to keep our animals healthy and fulfill their behavioral needs (let them act like the kind of animal they are).    Scroll further down to see just how many animals are living on Minka Farm (not counting the wildlife)!

How Many Live on Minka Farm?

0 Cats
Sir Thomas & Jewels
0 Chickens
0 Cows
0 Dogs
Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardians
0 Donkeys
0 Ducks
Khaki Campbell ducks
0 Goats
Kiko & Boer Meat Goats
0 Guineas
Tick control
0 Horses
0 Pigs
0 Sheep
Katadin/Dorper Breed