In order to safely provide you with food, Minka Farm has changed the way we sell meat, eggs and produce to the public.  Our Farm Store is still open on Saturdays from 10am-2pm; however, only Minka Farm employees may enter the store. (Sick employees will stay home).  We will gather the items you would like to purchase wearing masks and disinfecting our hands and high touch surfaces between customers.  Additionally, you have the option to place orders by email (, pay online and pick up your orders 7 days/week from freshly sanitized coolers in an open area that allows for adequate social distancing. Please bring your own coolers to transport your food home. We will fill orders quickly in the order received but it may take 24 to 48 hours for your order to be ready.  Your pick up time may also be delayed as we make sure not to schedule too many pickups at a time.

Farm chores are still happening every day. Early morning and late evenings are computer time. We are doing our best to get to orders pulled, invoiced and ready to go within 2 days of receiving your order.

When you order, please indicate the name of the product (type of meat and cut) and pounds or number of packages.  Please indicate a desired pick up day.  We will contact you with any questions we have about your order and, once it’s pulled together, we will send an itemized receipt and a separate PayPal invoice that is payable online.

The links below go directly to our pricing pages for each type of product.  If we are out of a particular cut, it will be noted next to the cut name.

We’ve added links to two Chapel Hill restaurants that are doing take-out and refrigerated meals and use Minka Farm grassfed beef and pastured eggs in their food. Vimala’s Curryblossom Cafe and Rumi Persian Cafe have both helped support us during the COVID-19 times and they serve excellent food! Please order through their sites.  They each have their own options for pickup/delivery. Unfortunately, we can’t offer pickup at the farm for prepared foods.

  • Produce

    Jujubes, unsprayed   $5.00/lb

    Pawpaws, unsprayed  $4.00/lb  (very limited supply remaining)

  • Grassfed Beef

  • Pastured Pork

  • Whole Chickens (Broilers)

  • Pastured Lamb

  • Pastured Goat

  • Pastured Chicken Eggs

    Pastured chicken eggs are $4.50/dozen. Our chickens lay about 70 eggs each day. Learn more about our chicken eggs HERE.  Availability varies but the chickens are definitely laying.

  • Pastured Duck Eggs

    Pastured duck eggs are $3.75/half dozen.  Our ducks lay about 120 eggs each day. Learn more about our duck eggs HERE. We definitely have duck eggs available right now.

  • Vimala′s Curryblossom Cafe

    Vimala’s Curryblossom Cafe serves incredible Indian food using locally sourced ingredients including Minka Farm grassfed beef and eggs – both chicken and duck.

  • Rumi Persian Cafe

    Rumi Persian Cafe serves authentic Persian meals, ready-to-heat, including dishes that include Minka Farm grassfed beef.