Minka Farm Stories Resume and CSA Sign-up Day

Minka Farm Stories Resume and CSA Sign-up Day

The Minka Farm stories are returning!  Farming is an adventure and there are always new stories to tell!  It has been a busy year but I’ve missed sharing the stories and I hope you will enjoy reading them again.

Story: First Farm Babies of 2017

Our first new babies of the year were born over the weekend.  Sandstone, our dairy goat, had her triplets with no assistance.  Most years, she refuses to eat on the morning of the day her kids are born, but this year she ate breakfast with gusto.  So when we checked on her again mid-afternoon, we were very surprised to find four goats in the stall: Sandstone and her triplets! She had two girls: “Summer” and “Winter,” and one boy: “Bob.” Unfortunately, Bob suffered from the cramped quarters inside mom and his back legs were weak with some ligaments that were too tight and others that were too loose.  A couple of days of physical therapy and Bob is walking and jumping like his sisters.  These little cuties are all doing well and will be the stars of the Farm Tour this year in April (more news on that later).

CSA Sign-Up Day: February 24

I’m sure some of you already know this, but I just learned that Friday is national CSA Sign-up Day and since Minka Farm does offer a CSA, the rest of this post is to inform you about CSA’s in general and our CSA specifically.

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is more than just a great way to get seasonal local food.  In the words of Elizabeth Henderson, CSA farmer and author of Sharing the Harvest, “CSA is a tremendously flexible concept for consumer-farmer connections. It’s an alternative system of distribution based on community values. The economics of direct sales make this a win-win solution for farmers and farm members. The farmer gets a decent price and the member pays less, since there is no middleman.”
“For the farmer,” she added, “CSA offers the possibility of a broad support group. Those groups are composed of local people who know about the farm, who genuinely care about it’s survival, and who are willing to share the farmer’s risks and rewards. In reciprocity, CSA farm members have the opportunity to eat fresh, healthy food, to connect with the earth, to know and trust in the people who grow their food, deepen their understanding of seasonal eating, to support the local economy, and to take an empowered stance of accepting responsibility for one of our most basic needs.”

Minka Farm CSA

Minka Farm has offered many forms of CSA’s over the years and we truly enjoy providing healthy, tasty food to our members.  Currently, we are offering a beef CSA which can be purchased in 3, 6 or 12-month increments.  Each has to be used up within a year but, with the exception of the 12-month subscription, the member chooses which months they take delivery.  Take a look HERE at our webpage that has more details about the kinds of cuts that come with each season. Members can pick up at the farm and see how we raise our livestock, they can pick up at the Whole Foods in Chapel Hill, or they can get several friends or neighbors together and create their own pickup site.  We have applied to the Chatham Mills Farmers Market and that will be a pickup location as well.

If buying healthy, humanely-raised grassfed beef for your family is important to you, we have several ways for you to accomplish this goal from buying individual cuts to our CSA and even buying an entire side. The CSA option is a way to buy Minka Farm beef at a discount over the individual cut prices without having to buy a chest freezer.

We hope to see you soon!

Kim & the Minka Farm crew