Mamma, Teach Me How

News Flash!!  The pork is HERE!  We are now completely stocked up with breakfast sausage patties, bacon, sausage links, bulk sausage, natural hams, Boston Butts, pork chops (both bone-in and boneless)…  Come by and get some awesome pastured pork!  The farm store is open on Saturday from 10am – 2pm.

Also, the pawpaws are starting to ripen.  We have the first of the pawpaws harvested and will keep checking for ripe pawpaws until they are all picked.  In addition, we have apples (Gala, Golden Delicious and Ginger Gold, so far) and some pears (although the mystery thief came and took all the Asian pears again).

Minka Story-of-the-Week

As I was waiting for a tub of water to fill for the cattle in a field, I was watching Sandstone and one of her kids from this year, Indie.  They looked like they were dancing around each other. After a few moments, I realized that Sandstone was teaching Indie how to use her horns to put a lesser goat in its place, a.k.a. head-butt.  Sandstone would arch her neck so that she would have power behind her hit and move towards Indie like she was going to hit her, but she never did.  She would gently nudge Indie instead.  Then Indie would try out the motions her mom had just demonstrated.  Given that Sandstone has wanted nothing to do with her kids since they were weaned at two weeks of age (they weren’t born knowing how to nurse and they shredded Sandstone’s teats), I was really surprised to witness this educational moment.  Indie still has a long way to go to be “the alpha goat,” but she’s learning!