Ivory the Goat, Part 2

Ivory the Goat, Part 2

Wow. Time really does fly, especially when you’re doing something you enjoy!
This story left off at a little goat with a broken leg in a splint that was prematurely removed, carefully, by her guardian dog and replaced, carefully, by her veterinarian – me.

And then 5 weeks went by during which time this little goat learned to walk and climb on her splinted leg and she thrived. We had to move her to another stall and the only one without animals was the stall that was storing hay for the winter. We figured she would eat some of the hay, but it was a good 6 feet tall stack that went straight up so no worries. We even put another goat in with Ivory for company and that went well.

One day, near the end of this 5 weeks, I came into the barn in the morning to do the chores and out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a goat – up in the air, higher than my head. Turning to get a better look, I realized there were actually two goats about 7 feet off the floor on a pile of hay bales and one of them was Ivory, splint and all, with her stallmate, Bianca. If a goat could look proud, she did.

The photo was snapped in haste but you get the idea. There’s no ramp up that stack of hay. This stack is outside of the stall they were in, but both piles were backed up to the stall wall. I’ll never know how they made it up there, but after we got them down, they had to go into another stall. Once they learn a new trick, they never forget it

At 5 weeks, I removed the splint. As anyone who has had a cast can tell you, it was no surprise that the muscles had atrophied and shrunken a little, and the leg was very itchy. Within a couple of days, the itching stopped and, within a couple of weeks, Ivory was using her leg more and more. She’s back out in the field now with her herd and back to being a normal goat.