Blueberries, Apples and Bulls

Blueberries are in their final stages.  We have three varieties of blueberries: Climax, Premier and Powder Blue, .  The latest variety (I think it’s Powder Blue) is now ripe.  These tend to be smaller berries, but are very sweet.  Once these are gone, there are no more for the season, and this will probably be our last weekend open for blueberry picking.  But don’t despair, we will still be open on weekends for beef, pork, chevon and other orchard fruit.  The apples are beginning to ripen.  We’ve already picked Ginger Gold and Aunt Rachel.  Currently Gala’s are ripening.  We have 12 different varieties of apples – all totally unsprayed! They aren’t the prettiest apples you’ve ever seen, but they taste awesome!  We’re selling a mixed variety 5# bag for $6.00.

Story-of-the-week: The bulls are hard at work

The bulls have only about 3 more weeks to finish their one and only job on the farm – making sure that all our breeding-age females will deliver calves next spring.  The bulls have three months total with the girls and then they go back to their “boys-only” group.  This year, we are using two bulls: Winchester, in his fourth and final year as a breeding bull, and Helios, our new bull.  The picture is of Helios with his group.  He’s the red animal near the back of the group.  He tends to follow the group to be sure everyone is there and safe.  He’s only three but he has the largest group because I’m excited about his potential to improve our steers’ growth rate on grass-only.  He’s a Senepol bull, a breed that was developed in St. Croix to grow well on scrubby grass in hot, harsh conditions.  He’s doing very well and despite working hard, he’s been gaining a lot of weight on our grass – he’s almost chubby!

We hope to see you this weekend!