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Beef by the Side: March 3rd Delivery

The next grassfed freezer beef will be available for delivery/pick-up on Saturday May 21st. Quarter, half and whole steer are still available. Reserve your beef by April 30th. Custom cut instructions for half and whole steer purchases are due April 11th – don’t worry, we have a form for you to fill out that makes this part easy! Deposit required to reserve your beef – $200 for a quarter, $250 for a half, $300 for a whole.  For more information on freezer beef, visit our Beef by the Side page.

Pork is FULLY Restocked! BACON is BACK!

Our pastured hogs are fed on farm extras (eggs, produce, chestnuts…) and a local non-medicated feed that does not contain animal by-products.  Our hogs never receive antibiotics or hormones.  Sunshine, rooting around for nuts and roots, rolling in the mud… happy pig behavior – that’s the life of a Minka Farm hog!

Processing is done at an Animal Welfare Approved slaughterhouse and none of our pork products contain nitrates, nitrites or MSG besides what occurs naturally in celery.  We have a smoked and sliced bacon and jowl, a large variety of sausages, Boston Butt, natural quarter hams, tenderloins, spareribs and babyback ribs, chops: bone-in and boneless, loin roasts, neck bones, liver, kidney, melts, heart, fat back and leaf lard.

Visit our Pork Page for pricing and more details.  Our pork is available directly from the farm on Saturdays from 10am-2pm or by appointment.  Pork can also be added on to our meat CSA.