Fruit from the Orchard

The Orchard is just starting to awaken.  Buds are turning into flowers.  Sap is beginning to flow.

The first fruit ready is usually the blueberries which are often ready by early June and last through July.

Next will come the apples and pears, starting a bit later in June and finishing by the end of August.

Jujubes and pawpaws are July-August fruits, as are muscadine grapes.

Persimmons start to ripen in September and will continue through October many years, past the first frost.

Chestnuts fall in October and November.

Beef by the Side: May 30th delivery

The next available grassfed freezer beef will be available for delivery on Saturday, May 30th. Quarter, half and whole steer are still available. Reserve your beef by May 10th. Custom cut instructions for half and whole steer purchases are due May 25th – don’t worry, we have a form for you to fill out that makes this part easy! Deposit required to reserve your beef – $200 for a quarter, $250 for a half, $300 for a whole.  For more information on freezer beef, visit our Beef by the Side page.