Fruit from the Orchard

Asian persimmons are starting to turn orange.  Since these are non-astringent, you can enjoy them while they are still firm.  We pick these when they have started to blush orange and allow them to ripen in a sunny window – we think we’ve shared enough fruit with the squirrels this year!

Chestnuts are starting to fall.  These are true chestnuts from a survivor patch found in Florida.

Either visit us on Saturday, 10am – 2pm, or call/email to make an appointment for another day.

Beef by the Side: October 19th delivery

The next grassfed freezer beef will be available for delivery/pick-up on Saturday, October 19th. Quarter, half and whole steer are still available. Reserve your beef by October 1st. Custom cut instructions for half and whole steer purchases are due October 11th – don’t worry, we have a form for you to fill out that makes this part easy! Deposit required to reserve your beef – $200 for a quarter, $250 for a half, $300 for a whole.  For more information on freezer beef, visit our Beef by the Side page.